Video: gorgeous time lapse of Paris and New York

Posted by Kati Auld on 3 November 2014

Paris versus New York. Bagels versus macaroons. Crepes versus pizza. Check out the contrasts – and surprising similarities – between two of the world’s most fascinating cities in this gorgeous time lapse video.

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Taxi, New York versus Paris
There’s a reason why time lapses are so often used in capturing travel experiences of cities. We tend to be captivated by the tiny details – the sound of rain against a window, the patterns on the pavement, the condiments locals put on their breakfast – but one of my favourite things about travel is being overwhelmed by the sum of all these parts. It’s a great feeling, the expansiveness of being a tiny cog in a whirring machine which will always be partly incomprehensible to you. If you don’t have travel plans in the near future, the next-best way to get that feeling is with a slow shot of the street-lights coming on over a rushing cityscape, accompanied by a stirring soundtrack. It gets me Every. Damn. Time.

Boats, Paris versus NY


Paris / New York time lapse


Paris / New York from MATEL on Vimeo.

Alright, yes, technically it’s an advert, but you could get all the way to the end without realising that. Nicely played, OpenSkies. If this doesn’t result in more people flying between Paris and New York, either the spirit of human adventure is dead, or people just haven’t tasted macaroons yet.

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