Video: porcupine scares off a pride of lions

Posted on 7 November 2014

Inspirational video of the day: a porcupine scares off a pride of lions at Londolozi Game Reserve, proving that honey badgers aren’t the only badasses in the animal kingdom.

porcupine, lion

Whenever you’re scared, just think of this porcupine and take courage.

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If I was surrounded by a pride of curious lions, the absolute best outcome I’d be hoping for would be a quick death. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll let me die before they start munching on my intestines! This little guy, however, had bigger plans. I suspect that someone told him “no-one can make you feel inferior without your permission,” or perhaps “fake it til you make it.” Watch how it all went down here:


Filmed by Lucien Beaumont at Londolozi Game Reserve. Read his full account of the story here.

Next time you walk into an interview, or a boardroom, or a duel: be inspired by this porcupine, and his combination of patience and unassailable confidence. If he can bluff his way out of that one, so can you. (If you can get hold of a set of highly-painful quills instead of a business jacket, so much the better).

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