Hippos take on crocodiles, saving wildebeest from attack in Kruger

Posted by Anita Froneman on 20 September 2021

In a very exciting showdown, a pod of hippos took on a bask of crocodiles in the Kruger National Park.

Lucky safari-goer Chase Kurucz witnessed and captured the unusual sighting at the Gezanftombi Dam, when the crocodiles attacked a wildebeest and dragged it into the water. Then, the nearby hippos intervened, surrounding the crocs and allowing the wildebeest an opportunity to get away from the danger.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why the hippos would intervene. It might simply be that they didn’t like being disturbed by the commotion the thrashing crocodiles were causing. Another possibility could be that they had young nearby, making them aggressive and protective, although we don’t see any calves in the footage.

Take a look:

Video by Chase Kurucz via Latest Sightings


Lion nibbles at visitor’s side mirror in Kruger



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