Giant anaconda spits at cars in Brazil

Posted by Leila Stein on 7 August 2020

Brazil is not short of incredible anaconda videos, as the massive snakes are often spotted on the side of roads, in rivers or in the forests.

One such incredible shot is a video of a green anaconda spitting at cars as drivers make their way along a dirt path in Campo Grande, Brazil.

Anacondas are the largest snake in the world by weight, weighing up to 25 kg. They also grow up to 9 metres in length.

According to National Geographic the snake is stealthier in water than on land, which explains how they often move slowly when caught in the wrong environment, like the side of the road.

Their size is key to their hunting style as they are non-venemous. Rather, they constrict their prey by wrapping around and squeezing them until they asphyxiate. They then swallow their dead prey whole.

Watch the anaconda interaction here:

Image credit: Screenshot from video

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