Tawny eagle and jackals chase steenbok in Kruger

Posted by Imogen Searra on 4 August 2020

A steenbok nearly met it’s fate when a tawny eagle and two black-backed jackals attempted to hunt the small antelope. Latest Sightings shared a video taken by Shaun Etsebeth.

Etsebeth spoke to Latest Sightings, and said that the chase was ‘surprising’. He explained that at first he had spotted the bird and stopped to watch for a moment. It then dove down and began chasing a steenbok in the bush. The action happened near Tshokwane.

He managed to film the chase on his phone and moments into it two black-backed jackals began pursuing the steenbok as well.

‘Even though this was a short chase, and neither the jackals nor the eagle managed to catch the steenbok, this was a first-time sighting for me. The steenbok managed to outrun both predators and survived to live another day,’ said Etsebth to Latest Sightings.

Watch the chase below:

Image credit: Mias van der Walt/ Getaway Gallery

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