Up-close footage of wild dogs feeding their adorable pups in Kalahari

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 22 July 2021

Wild dogs are fascinating animals, and Working With Wildlife shared an up-close video of two adults returning to their den to feed their pups in the Kalahari Desert.

They regurgitate their food to feed their young, and the little ones had a feast.

Wild dogs are social animals and they gather in packs of about 10 individuals, although some packs can have up to 40 individuals. They hunt down medium-sized ruminants such as gazelles.


According to the IUCN red list, African wild dogs are listed as endangered with a decreasing population. They are South Africa’s most endangered large carnivore and the second most endangered predator in Africa. Their main threats are the encroachment of their habitat and falling victim to farmers’ predator control mechanisms to protect livestock.


Interesting facts about our favourite painted predator: The African wild dog

Picture: Screenshot of video

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