Leopard, wild dog and hyena compete for impala ram

Posted by Imogen Searra on 13 October 2020

Latest Sightings has shared a video of a leopard dragging an impala to a tree when it is immediately confronted by other predators. The video was taken within the Kruger National Park.

The big cat is hounded by a single wild dog while it tries to drag the impala to a nearby tree. The big cat eventually chases the dog out of the frame and returns to its catch, which is still alive.

The leopard is cautiously dragging the impala ram as it is presumably trying to asphyxiate the animal. Big cats generally kill their prey before they begin to eat.

After a few moments of back and forth, more individuals of the wild dog pack appear and the leopard bolts up the tree, leaving the live impala behind.

The dogs ferociously begin to eat, displaying just how hardcore these predators are, as the impala is still alive.

When you think it’s over for the impala, two spotted hyenas appear and make a beeline for the animal, which is unfortunately still alive.

The hyenas are eventually victorious and feast on the buck, much to the wild dog’s dismay.

Watch the incredibly rare sighting below. Viewer discretion is advised.

Image: Screenshot form video

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