Mother bear and cubs in Canada cool down in pool

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 30 June 2021

Climate change is causing record-setting temperatures in Canada and at least 134 people and a great number of animals have been reported dead by EWN since Friday. To avoid the scorching hot sun and in an attempt to stay alive, a mother bear was found in a pool with her cubs cooling down in the 49.1°C heat.

Veterinary technician Kaneycia Bush-McLean who works at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Langely says she has dealt with so many pets that are also suffering from the heatstroke and that ‘people are coming home or waking up to their pets already having passed away, despite all their best efforts.’

Veterinarian Carsten Bandt with Canada West Veterinary Specialists and Critical Care Hospital in Vancouver said his clinic has also been treating heatstroke cases since Friday, 25 June, and some animals have not survived.

‘The problem with dogs and also cats is they don’t sweat like we do, so they can’t really regulate body temperature as well’, Bandt said according to EWN. ‘The only thing that they can do is pant.’

PICTURE: Screenshot


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