Wild dogs corner hyena in Kruger National Park

Posted by Adrian Brown on 27 November 2020

A spotted hyena found itself cornered by a pack of wild dogs in the Kruger National Park. The wild dogs were growing increasingly aggressive as the hyena called for help.

In the video, captured by Jock Safari Lodge and shared by Latest Sightings, another hyena comes to its rescue. The hyena bravely chases off the painted wolves.

Watch this fascinating scene unfold:

Wild dogs and hyenas often come into conflict as hyenas are known for stealing the prey of other predators. Hyenas are larger and far outweigh wild dogs.

Discussing the similarities and differences in these two predators, James Tyrell of Londolozi Game Reserve told National Geographic: ‘When it comes to hyenas and wild dogs, it is hard to predict which species will come out on top. It’s almost like watching a tense sporting match.’


Picture: Screenshot from video

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