Funny signs of the week

Posted on 4 May 2012

We all happen across them from time to time. Little pockets of humour spread all over the countryside. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a remote little village or on your everyday travels; a funny sign, whether intentional or not, can often make your journey memorable – or at the very least, liven up your day. This week’s funny signs were compiled by Devlin Nightingale.

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The following funny signs were sent in over the past week by our readers:

Three-way divorce club - Paul Bartho
Paul Bartho was on his our way to Kalizo Lodge just outside Katima Mulilo with his wife and came upon this roadside sign. The sign really does say it all. It contains both the leading cause and wishful thinking behind most divorces… or so I have heard.

Mr Cash - Janine Wolff
Janine Wolff took this shot in Stone Town, Zanzibar. I wish I had a better relationship with Mr. Cash myself as the relationship is a little stretched at the moment. In fact I haven’t seen him in years and fear that he has become a bit of a myth.

No Driving - Kelly Simkiss
Kelly Simkiss came across this sign while in the Drakensberg. The fact that people were willing to attempt this feat to begin with pleases me. Life is really great when you sit back and observe stupidity, unless of course your 4×4 is drowning; life becomes infinitely more frantic then.

Kak Pharmacy - John Watson
John Watson passed this pharmacy in Ghana on their last visit and couldn’t resist taking a photo. I am also pretty sure that this pharmacy is where you get the best laxatives in Ghana.

Sorry we're open - Brett & Celeste Duncan
Brett & Celeste Duncan were in Milan central at a quaint little restaurant on a corner and discovered this little sign. If you feel that way about your establishment why bother opening in the first place? Also I wonder if the back reads, “Closed, please come in” and if so, how many times people have been arrested for ‘breaking and entering’.

Piss for sale- Peter & Nicky Raap
Peter & Nicky Raap saw this advertisement at Cala in Eastern Cape. Had I known there was a market for the stuff I wouldn’t have ‘watered my garden’ so many times. You live and learn I guess.

Trespassers will be Prostituted - Stewart Maclean
Stewart Maclean spotted this cheeky sign in the Namaqua National Park when they went to see the Spring flowers. I am not too sure it is an effective deterrent as it may first seem. It could be quite a lucrative turn of events if you are down on your luck.

Rodeo - Coen Breedt
Coen Breedt was travelling from Carolina to Machadodorp when he discovered this road sign. Now I’m no expert but if that is how feisty the cows are then I don’t even want to catch wind of the bulls. Much like rugby then.

Watch out for Grandad! - Nina Martin
Nina Martin noticed this sign at a little place called the Red Barn, on a back-road between Plett and Sedgefield. Is there a reason they have to warn people about Grandad? Probably. “Oh Grandad, you so crazy!”

Pop in again next week for another dose of funny. Alternatively, if you think you have happened upon a sign worthy of this space please email it to [email protected].

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