Photoblog: A Homage to Mandela

Posted by Janine Avery on 28 June 2013

From streets, to awards, museums, schools and even ancient woodpeckers, new species of spiders and tiny nuclear particles; a host of things have been named after South Africa’s legendary ex-president and freedom fighter – Nelson “Madiba” Mandela. There are hundreds upon thousands of tributes and no doubt there will be many more to come that pay homage to Mandela. These are just a few of my favourites:


The Paravanda Nelson Mandela is a stunning orchid which was named Mandela after his visit to Singapore’s National Botanical Gardens.

Image Source: “Paravanda Nelson Mandela” by Shiny Things


In 2003 Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Bridge was completed linking Braamfontein to the Johannesburg City Centre.

 Image Source: “Nelson Mandela Bridge, Johannesburg” by Earth Hour Global


In 2008 the the sixth star-studded 46664 concert was held as part of Madiba’s 90th birthday celebrations.

Image Source: “Mandela90” by Paul Williams


The Mandela’s Gold strelitzia was originally named Kirstenbosch Gold before its renaming in 1996. This rare plant has been carefully hand-pollinated to build up the species.

 Image Source: “Mandela’s Gold” by Marc Eschenlohr


At Santon’s Nelson Mandela Square a towering statue of Madiba looks over the number of exclusive restaurants, shops and hotels found here.

Image Source: “Nelson Mandela Square” by Marc Smith


This new-found species of sea slug, named after Mandela, was found on South Africa’s Atlantic coastline.

Image Source: “Mandelia Mirocornata Closeup” by Seascapeza


Nelson Mandela Bay refers to the coastline of Port Elizabeth and surrounds and is great for family-friendly holidays in the sun!

Image Source: “Nelson Mandela Bay” by Flowcomm

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