Large pride of lions thrill tourists

Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 29 August 2018

While visiting the Kruger National Park last week, tourist Ram Goyel was transfixed when a huge pride of lions casually strolled down the road right in front of him.

Goyle was driving down the the tarred Satara – Nwanetsi Road (H6) when the stumbled across this unusual pride, and in the middle of all the muscle, was a rare white lion.

Goyle told Latestsightings, “We were just returning from the N’wanetsi Picnic spot and this beautiful sighting came along and greeted us. It was a quiet morning and there were no other cars at the time. It was sheer disbelief!! At the end of it my family and I were jumping out of our skin.’’

They were lucky enough to have the lions walking toward them and pulled over to the side of the road while the lions walked straight passed. Because of the sheer exhilaration, Goyle’s hands were shaking and he was unable to capture a completely still video, but he considers it magnificent nonetheless.

The lions moved off the road and into the bushes when a few more cars came along. If it weren’t for the other people who arrived the pride might have hung around a little longer. 

The once in a lifetime experienced ended all too soon, and before Goyle and his family knew it, the beautiful creatures were gone almost as quickly as they had appeared.

“Just give space to the wildlife and be patient. Don’t intrude upon the animals. Respect Kruger!” Goyle said.

Watch the amazing experience caught on camera here: