Couple builds art museum for pet gerbils

Posted by Anita Froneman on 9 April 2020

While art lovers can’t visit their favourite museums, two nine-month-old gerbil brothers could not bear it and insisted the museum come to them.

Pandoro and Tiramisu were lucky, then, to have an art curator and an artist for owners. Filippo Lorenzin, an independent curator for London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and his girlfriend, artist Marianna Benetti, were so bored during lockdown in the UK that they decided to put together a miniature, handmade rodent-themed art museum.

Famous artworks like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch’s The Scream were re-envisioned and recreated for the gerbils’ viewing pleasure.

Lorenzin and Benetti went to quite some trouble, as can be seen by all the attention to detail. Nothing is left out, complete with signs asking visitors not to chew (which were blatantly disregarded).

Watch a video of the cultured pair of gerbils expertly scrutinising each artwork, considering whether to buy now or wait until after lockdown:

As promised, this is the full video of our gerbils visiting the museum. No gerbils or gallery assistants were harmed in the making of this. from r/aww

Pandoro and Tiramisu seemed pleased enough with the museum tour, and we hear they are planning to visit the Eiffel tower next.


Image: Twitter


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