Cradle of Human Culture route from Gauteng to the Cape

Posted on 1 March 2019

In a bid to promote tourism and access to South African- and human history, the Cradle of Human Culture route from Gauteng to the Western Cape has been established, and will be launched on 11 April.

Wesgro, the province’s tourism, trade and investment agency noted that while humankind was found to originate in Northern Gauteng’s Cradle of Humankind Visitor Centre Maropeng, the story of human history continues down into the Cape to at least three archaeological sites – namely Blombos Cave (Blomboschfontein), Pinnacle Point Site Complex on the south coast near Mossel Bay, and the Diepkloof Rock Shelter on the Cape West Coast.

The Maropeng Visitor’s Centre is a fascinating outing for kids and adults alike – you’ll come away having learnt something new. Image: Melanie van Zyl.

‘The ability to package the incredible offering we have around early culture and how its transpired into modern day in the Western Cape, with a globally renowned landmark such as the Cradle of Humankind WHS, is an opportunity to position the destination globally and attract more visitors,’ said Wesgro’s Chief Marketing Officer for Tourism, Judy Lain.

Some of the interesting archaeological treasures to see are decorated ostrich eggs, marine shell beads, engraved ochre, bone tools and finely-made bifacial points among many others.

Visitors will go on a journey through history, from Gauteng to the Western Cape. They’ll be able to access an information booklet via social and digital platforms, and will be able to watch a short video and see images detailing the route from a special micro-site when the route is launched.

Johannesburg Culture Maropeng

The only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gauteng is the Cradle of Humanity. This is the Tumulus building in Maropeng, where exhibitions are held. Image supplied.

‘The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site celebrates the human journey, from our earliest beginnings, to the challenges of our present [and] to our uncertain future. It celebrates human development, in every shape and form. It is wonderful indeed to now have established a new showcase for this diversity, complexity and unity of our species, in the newly established Cradle of Human Culture. It is possible that in our arts and crafts, beliefs and extraordinary ingenuity, we can start to uncover some of the defining characteristics of our species,’ said Michael Worsnip, Managing Director of Maropeng.

The new route is possible thanks to the joint efforts of the departments of Cultural and Sport, Economic Development and Tourism, as well as the Cradle of Humankind WHS and Wesgro’s Destination Marketing Unit.

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