Lonely lion tries to get into restaurant

Posted on 24 March 2020

A young male lion, seemingly feeling a bit stir crazy, tried to get into a restaurant full of tourists in Pilanesberg Centre, despite the president’s social distancing warnings. The curious cat got extremely close to those inside, but didn’t quite make it into the building.

A pride of lions were camping outside new the centre, which is a hub for safari stops, according to Latest Sightings. One of the big cats, however, ignored the practice of social distancing and threw caution to the wind by trying to enter into the shop.

Speaking to Latest Sightings, Fortune Morake said: ‘We had just walked into the center from the parking lot and watched the lions play in the distance. There were already some staff inside and some guests who were making use of the facilities at the center. On our way to open up the door, we noticed one of the young adult male lions walking right toward us. We hurried inside and closed the door and moved away from the door.

‘We were very excited but somewhat scared to see them from such a close distance as they stood right outside the door of the center. I filmed some of the sighting, but we were quite frightened that the lion might attempt to come inside. After a while of standing at the door, peeking in through the glass, the young lion walked away, back to join the other lions where they were playing in the distance.’


Watch the ordeal unfold below:


Image: Screenshot from YouTube video

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