Responsible tourism is latest travel trend

Posted on 9 September 2019

ABTA, the UK travel trade association, identified responsible tourism as going ‘mainstream’ in the Travel Trends Report 2019.

According to Tourism Update, the report states that 45% of people have said that sustainability is an important component when making books for a holiday.

The report combines market information, news, insights and research from ABTA members. The Travel Trends Report is then used to review the previous 12 months, and to give future recommendations.

Travellers are far more aware of the impact their presence has on a holiday destination. This affects their choice on which travel company to use for making bookings. Over 36% or one third of people would prefer to use a travel company that has a better environmental record than its competitors.

Travellers are also interested in ways they can give back to local communities. Travel companies have introduced approaches holidaymakers can go about this, as well as how to be sustainable.

The report states that, “Increasing awareness among consumers means we can expect to see this trend continue in 2019 and far beyond.”

The report covers sustainability issues that travellers are concerned with. These include proper waste management, carbon and ways to support local economies and workers.

The report included a list of 12 destinations to watch and our very own Durban landed fourth place. “Stunning beaches border the fun and buzzy city of Durban. Kwa Zulu Natal – incredibly diverse landscapes and chance to see the “Big Five” animals, the unforgettable Drakensberg Mountains and the ancient rock art of the San people,” said the report.

Image source: Unsplash


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