Buffalo crashes into safari truck during lion attack

Posted by Anita Froneman on 28 October 2020

A group of safari-goers in the Pilanesberg National Park had front row seats to a spectacular lion hunt. Two safari vehicles came upon two lions attacking a buffalo, which soon turned into an epic battle as the buffalo smashed into one of the vehicles in its attempts to shake the lion off.

Jennifer Coleman and Liechen Tonkin filmed the whole scene.

‘We were staying at Ivory Tree Lodge and our game ranger (Kyle) asked us what we wanted to see. My partner and I haven’t seen buffalo in the Pilanesberg before and requested buffalo,’ Tonkin told Latest Sightings. They then saw two lions clearly chasing something and decided to follow them.

‘In a matter of seconds, it all unfolded right next to the game vehicle. We saw the buffalo charging the lion, then the buffalo running and the lions’ in pursuit. My partner and I were very calm – we sat – smiling at each other (it has always been a dream of his to see the buffalo and a joint dream to see a hunt).

‘We were routing for the buffalo but were shocked when the buffalo ran into the vehicle in front of us. My first thought when that happened was, that I hope my camera recorded it!

‘The buffalo was very disoriented from being spun around and ended up crashing into the game viewing vehicle with a loud thud. This gave the male lion a big fright and some time for the buffalo to get away and run off in the opposite direction.’

Watch the epic chase:

Picture: Screenshot from video

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