Rhino calves get mud bath ‘spa day’

Posted by Anita Froneman on 29 September 2020

Several parts of the country are already experiencing warm temperatures. In Mpumalanga, a few of the little rhino orphans at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary were treated to a fun cool down session, after which they all ended the treat off with a luxurious mud bath.

‘Temperatures are starting to climb as the Summer draws ever closer. Anchor, Yster, Cotton and Ranger decided to make full use of their mud wallow today to escape the blistering heat. In a rhino spa experience, these four orphans enjoyed the cooling spray down before heading straight to the wallow for a complete mud emersion!’ the Sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

‘It seems as though muddy Anchor becomes cheeky Anchor! Watch how he and Yster decide to have their own fun with the hose pipe! Although mud wallowing seriously lifts the spirits and is a joy to watch, these behavioral displays are key observations and provide good insight into the health and mind set of the calves. Happy, relaxed and content calves will always want to wallow.’

Take a look at the calves frolicking in the water and mud:

Rhinos naturally wallow in mud to protect their skin from the sun, to cool off and to ward off parasites.

Image credit: Screenshot from Facebook video

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