Flock of birds team up against lone snake in Kruger National Park

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 18 May 2022

A flock of birds taking on a snake – now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

In this clip from Latest Sightings, this flock of arrow-marked babblers and one glossy starling took turns harshly pecking on a lone juvenile boomslang.

Arrow-marked babblers are very social birds but also notoriously aggressive. Unfortunately for the snake, glossy starlings are not much different.

Boomslangs are sometimes called shy snakes, as they rarely get defensive or strike. Their response in stressful or vulnerable situations is usually to speedily slither away into a nearby tree or bush.

Though the snake tries to strike back, the birds are simply too quick with the advantage of flight on their side.

Strength comes in numbers, so safe to say the snake was out-feathered – he couldn’t even slither away.

Watch the clip below.

Picture: Screenshot from video


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