Where do pilots and flight attendants rest on long-haul flights?

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 15 July 2021

Have you ever wondered where flight attendants rest while passengers are fast asleep on long-haul flights? The Business Insider toured the SAS Scandanavian Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB and here is an idea of where you’ll find the crew resting when they aren’t serving you.

These secret rooms are known as Crew Rest Compartments (CRCs) and are accessible via hidden stairs and ladders right at the back of the plane opposite the rear galley where food and drinks are stored. Passengers will never see this compartment, because it’s always behind locked doors.

The rest compartment is a narrow space that consists of beds, either placed next to one another or above one another like bunk beds. Not all airlines have the same design but on each bed will always be a pillow, blanket, and mattress pad.

On some airlines, you’ll find a TV for entertainment. The beds have seatbelts to ensure that flight attendants are strapped in safely while they rest during the flight.

Depending on the size of the aircraft, this rest compartment can have up to 10 beds. This is a very narrow space and many flight attendants have admitted that it can be a tight squeeze. Each crew member has a small storage space where they can hang up their uniform and store their hand luggage.

Take a look:

Picture: Screenshot from YouTube


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