Funny signs of the week

Posted on 17 May 2013

Each week, our readers encounter some of the most hilarious signs. One wonders what the thinking was behind such artworks. We’ll never know. We just have one thing to say to all the creative minds behind these signs: keep them coming!  Here’s this week’s top ten funny signs submitted by our readers.

These funny signs were compiled by Athenkosi Matyalana

funny signs week 21-2

We weren't planning to. John Haydn came across this modified no dumping sign in the Renosterkop area of Nelspruit.

funny signs, week 21-3

We have no clue either. Mariana de Villiers took the road less travelled and discovered this sign at Klein Roosboom Wynkelder in Durbanville.I wonder what they use for cleaning ears. Graham Simmonds spotted this sign in Paternoster, West Coast.


funny signs-week 21 6

Pretty straightforward. Nicollete Griffoen found this sign at a restaurant in Simon’s Town.

funny signs week 21, 7

We were planning to leave with some food but we had to ask the waiter first. He knows what happens to people who break the rules at this restaurant. Banks found this sign inside a restaurant at Watabu Bay Hotel, Kenya.

funny signs-week-21-18

Toilet training for adults 101. Averil Luyt found this sign in the toilet of a small mountain resort in Switzerland.

funny signs week 21,9

I'll have chicken, and the loo later. Marthinus Nel found this sign at a new food store in Bulawayo

funny-signs,week 21,10

In this town, there's a community project completely dedicated to dealing with surplus people. We are not sure what they do with them. Donna Le Roux found this board on a building in Calvinia.

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