Funny signs of the week

Posted on 24 May 2013
Ever wondered what makes a funny sign? A little bit of innitiative coupled with creativity and and an undiscovered sense of humour. Your work needs to catch the eye of a traveller who can see the humour between the lines. Here are the top 1o funny signs this week.
This week’s funny signes were compiled by Athenkosi Matyalana
funny signs week 22,2

As expected , panty-rippers are not that hard to convince. Sent in by Sylvia Shaw.

funny signs week 22,3

Either way, I'll be out of here. Image from

funny signs week 22,1

Great! Everybody come in. Image found at

funny signs week 22,4

Great! They are open on the 8th day of the week. Image by K.D Wildflowers.

funny-signs week 22,5

If you have your own sign, you're not a total nobody. Are you? Sent in by Kirsty Huth.

funny signs week 22,6

Which way? Jermanneke Havemann came across this 'nuts' sign in the Messum Krater, Namibia.

funny signs week 22 7

There's no point in surviving then. Sylvia Shaw found this sign at a store in Belize.

funny signs week 22,8

Let's pretend I saw this sign after flushing. Sylvia Shaw found this sign in San Pedro, Belize.

funny signs week 22,9

If you read this sign and do what it says, you may look stupid and gullible. Image found at

funny signs,week 22 ,10

At Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort, the air carries golf balls. Sent in by Steffen Hammer.



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