South Africans go on indoor safari

Posted by Anita Froneman on 31 March 2020

While we are stuck indoors, best believe we South Africans won’t be kept from going on our beloved safaris. Some locals have become quite creative, too! We couldn’t help but laugh at these ‘tourists’ spotting the ‘wild animals’ in their living rooms.

Robs Grove posted these pictures in the Facebook group #I’mStaying:

What a rare sighting!

Look, over there!


Other members in the group played along and commented ‘Ok, so that’s one small horse, and one tokoloshe?’, while another said ‘I hope you’re not the one driving with the Savanna in your hand!’

Another family had the same idea, and went for a drive in the back yard:

They were quite lucky seeing all those animals at once, we’re jealous!

Here are some other creative lockdowners:

Keep it up, South Africa, we’re loving it.

Feature image: Robs Grove 

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