Video: want to get lost in Indonesia? Watch this.

Posted by Kristin Bredenkamp on 6 February 2015

Watch gorgeous scenery in Indonesia unfold in this magical travel video. If you have an itch to travel, these breathtaking landscapes should inspire your future journeys – or just life in general. There’s never not a time to explore!


As the sun sets, Indonesia shows off its landscapes.

As the sun sets, Indonesia shows off its landscapes.

Every now and then we all have that urge to go somewhere unknown, to feel the grains of sand between our toes or to do something plain ridiculous – just for the thrill of it. For me, it’s mostly a combination of all three.

Watch this video to experience the breathtaking beauty of Indonesia – the people, prominent landscapes and culture. Some destinations showcased here are Bali, Ijen crater, Bromo Mountain and Lembongan Island. Indonesia is definitely the next adventure on my ever-increasing bucket list (this is what happens when you intern at Getaway!) Nhi Dang captures moments in Indonesia that reflects some parts of this world we perhaps know nothing of. Be inspired.


Lost in Indonesia from nhi dang on Vimeo.


Not all those who wander are lost.’ – J.R.R. Tolkien


Some things you should know about Indonesia:

  1. There about 150 volcanoes and 127 of them are active.
  2. The world’s largest flower, the corpse flower, is found in the Indonesia jungles.
  3. There are around 17,500 islands in the country.


The best part about travelling is the mystery of the unknown. Time to get lost and explore this planet.

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