3 of the Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Festival finalists

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 25 September 2018

The Banff International Mountain Film Festival is being brought to South Africa by Cape Union Mart, which ran it’s own local, Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge ahead of the Banff screenings.

This gave an opportunity for local filmmakers and adventurers to submit short films of under 5 minutes long that ‘capture and celebrate South Africa’s outdoors culture as well as the spirit of adventure.’ The winning South African entry, The Lansdcape Hunter will be screened to attendees of the Banff International Mountain Film Festival, which runs from 26 October to 4 November 2018.

Below is The Landscape Hunter, as well two of the other finalists from the Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge, as selected by 20 judges from SA’s film industry and outdoor community.

1. The Landscape Hunter

This is a story about Thomas Ferreira, a photographer who travelled the world looking for the perfect photographic shot.


2. She is something Fierce

In this short film Zoe Duby, who is a bouldering enthusiast (bouldering  is a form of rock climbing), narrates a story about her passion for the sport. The film features a number of popular bouldering spots in and around Cape Town.

3. Nick 01

Nick is a young downhill skateboarder based in Cape Town. He speaks about his sport, his gear and tthe film shows footage of him in action in the city.


Another skateboarding short film worth watching is Kingpin, which can be found with the other submissions at banff.co.za

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