Funny signs of the week

Posted by Athenkosi Matyalana on 31 May 2013

Everyone knows that a holiday isn’t complete without encountering a few funny sights along the way. At Getaway, we encourage our readers to package these funny signs and send them to us. Here’s the top 10 funny signs of the week from our readers and the cyber-world.

These funny signs were compiled by Athenkosi Matyalana

getaway funny signs week 22-2

To regain popularity, the police have become friendlier. Patricia found this sign Rivonia Road, Johannesburg.

getaway funny signs week 22-3

This must be the slowest sign in Phuket( no pun intended). Colette Rossouw found this sign in Phuket Thailand.

getaway funny signs week 22,4

Now this is what I call "taking care" of tourists.Sylvia Shaw found this sign on her recent visit to San Pedro, Belize.

getaway funny signs week 22, 5

Great place to inject "sexy" into your hair. Dale Morris found this sign in Matsieng, Lesotho.

getaway funny signs week 22 6

Ouch! is all we have to say about this sign.Jessie Brien from Randburg found this sign in Witsiehoek


After drinking coffee, the artist carved out this. Image from travelart

getaway funny signs week 22,8

Great way to make people feel guilty. Image from

getaway funny signs week 22-9

Ok....but where then? Image from stupid

getaway funny signs week 22 10

This is where Amy hid her wine. Image from

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