Funny signs of the week

Posted on 11 April 2012

We all happen across them from time to time. Little pockets of humour spread all over the countryside. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a remote little village or on your everyday travels; a funny sign, whether intentional or not, can often make your journey memorable – or at the very least, liven up your day.

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The following funny signs were sent in over the past week by our readers:

Klim die draad -

Sandi Bowles saw this sign in Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape. It is safe to assume that she did not attempt the climb. As tempting as it might have been.

Marina Kiddies Ool - Marion & Roland Merkl

Marion and Roland Merkl found this sign at Lake Oanob Resort – Rehoboth, Namibia. It turns out that the Namibians really put the ‘S’ in ‘subtle’.

Slow Border Crossing Ahead - Koen Labbeke
Koen Labbeke found this sign just before the border crossing at Bulembu (coming from Swaziland to South Africa). According to Koen, though, this sign was a blatant lie as the border crossing was ‘pretty fast’. Clearly, this must be an old sign.

Free Range Children - Karen Larsen
Karen Larsen and her family spotted this sign at “Die Koffiepot” on the way to Golden Gate National Park outside Clarens last December. There was nothing mentioned regarding the tenderness or taste of the children. Thankfully.

Wife on Offer - Marco and Phillipa Holtz
Marco Holtz and his wife Phillipa spotted this sign on their travels around South America. They discovered this guesthouse on the Chilean Island of Chiloe, in the town of Ancud – located on the island’s northern shore. This particular guesthouse seems to go above and beyond the usual offerings one would expect. The perfect place to elope to by oneself, it seems?

Human Biltong - Jessica Durand
Jessica Durand’s boyfriend was in Lephalale recently when he came across this horrifying shop. One can only hope that the owners of this enterprise never catch wind of “Die Koffiepot” as the results could be quite alarming.

Toilet Mielies - Barry Lunderstedt
Barry Lunderstedt noticed this hawker selling mielies and mangoes on the side of the road in Kokstad. Clearly the mielies can be used for more than one purpose.

When life gives you lemons - Eddy Uys
This little beauty was discovered by Eddy Uys although he chose not to disclose where. As the saying goes: When life gives you lemons, make… orange juice?
Toilet Humour - Lany Olivier
Lany Olivier stopped for a break at the Olifants Neck Rest stop, during a recent trip to Sun City in the North West, only to find this strange sign in the toilet. I wonder how many people consider it to be a challenge.

Pop in again next week for another dose of funny. Alternatively, if you think you have happened upon a sign worthy of this space please email it to [email protected].

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